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Kenny Bentley Presents

Singer & Musician

Kenney Bentley

Having toured the world, Kenny Bentley is no stranger to the world of music. As one of the founding members of the nationally acclaimed Christian Music Icon, “Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart”. MLBH was a pioneer for creating some of the sounds of the 80s Christian music that led thousands to Jesus.

Now, decades later, Kenney is still going strong leading people to have a relationship with Jesus through the sounds of music and the podcast that he posts via social media. Issues that are relevant for today that cover biblical matters, governmental facts, and last days scriptures coming alive right before our eyes.

Kenney was born in Atlanta, GA and was raised by a strong mother that kept the family together. Singing from a toddler, he found his calling in music after hearing, for the first time, The Jackson Five. His whole life changed in an instance. Soon, after receiving a bass guitar for Christmas, Kenney developed his skills in playing the bass to make the audition of MLBH in ‘81.Through that tenure he was introduced to many types of ministries that shaped and strengthened his belief in God, and his relationship in Christ.

Born again in 1975, when being a christian was not a trendy thing…it was a choice of being secure in your eternal fate.


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